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Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) Releases the Canadian Quantum Ecosystem Report

New comprehensive report on Canadian Quantum Ecosystem presents real-time, interactive data examining the rapid transition of quantum talent and technologies out of academia and into commercialized ventures—showcasing 55 Canadian-grown companies with over $750M in financing

VANCOUVER, B.C. CANADA—June 19th 2023Quantum Algorithms Institute, an organization that collaborates between the British Columbia government, the province’s academic community for the advancement of quantum computing, and members of BC’s commercial quantum sector, today announced a new report profiling the Canadian quantum ecosystem. Utilizing real-time data analysis, the Canadian Quantum Ecosystem Report covers quantum innovation milestones, Canadian talent movement, economic opportunities, and business impact in BC and across Canada. 

The Canadian Quantum Ecosystem Report is available on the QAI website:

Commissioned in early 2023, QAI analysts took an innovative approach by examining real-time, up-to-date data to publish an accurate perspective on the rapidly growing and changing quantum computing landscape. Featuring an interactive layout on the web-based report, users can manipulate graphs for customized data views. The report is relevant to governments, potential users of quantum solutions, and quantum start-up businesses, offering research on quantum innovation, international collaborations, talent recruiting and retention, and insightful indicators and opportunities for growth and development. 

“Quantum is no longer a nascent technology—and we must take notice of its rapid evolution and deployment around the world.   Today, Canada can not track the growth of this competitive sector through traditional economic reporting mechanisms,” said Louise Turner, CEO of Quantum Algorithms Institute in BC. “Our new Canadian Quantum Ecosystem Report shows that, while Canada keeps a leading position in research and development, Canadian governments and private businesses must make serious investments and commitments to maintain Canadian quantum leadership,” added Turner.  

Quantum moving from academia to the commercial sector

The Canadian Quantum Ecosystem Report shows an accelerated movement of quantum researchers and scientists from academic institutions into startup companies.  A remarkable characteristic of the quantum sector is the high level of international collaborations. Canada attracts many quantum researchers and experts; however,  the report warns of ‘brain drain’ as quantum scientists are lured to other countries rather than remaining in Canada long term. 

Quantum is more business-ready than the public might perceive

Even though there is a perception that quantum technology is a thing of the future, this report provides easy-to-understand data to help end-user companies understand the pace at which quantum technologies are being commercialized.   Canada is a leader in quantum development and commercialization, and, with continued academic support, business innovation, and talent nurturing, Canada will remain a competitive force for good in the quantum race. 

Inside Quantum Technology (IQT) Conference in Montréal

QAI is participating in the IQT Conference in Montreal June 20-22 and invites attendees to meet Louise Turner, CEO of QAI.  Turner is participating in the ‘Quantum Hubs in Canada’ panel-2 session, Tuesday 20th of June at 1:30 pm, and will be happy to further discuss the Canadian Quantum Ecosystem Report or provide more information about QAI in BC. 

Review or download a .PDF of the QAI Quantum Ecosystem Report at: https://quantumalgorithms.ca/. Subscribe to the QAI mailing list to receive up-to-date information on the quantum sector in BC. 


About Quantum Algorithms Institute

QAI is a collaboration between the BC government, BC’s academic community of universities and quantum experts, and BC’s growing sector of quantum computing companies. These groups and QAI are working with non-quantum companies across industries in BC and Canada to build experience in the real-world application of quantum solutions. QAI aims to increase quantum literacy in the Canadian economy and grow the quantum talent pool available for BC’s quantum industry sector.

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