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Quantum Algorithms Institute Appoints Louise Turner as CEO, Paving the Way for Quantum Leadership in British Columbia.

Surrey, June 14, 2023 – Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) is pleased to announce the appointment of Louise Turner as the CEO, marking an important milestone in QAI’s journey to establish British Columbia as a global leader in quantum computing. Louise has been serving as the acting CEO since June 2022 and has been instrumental in driving QAI’s vision for a vibrant and collaborative quantum community.

“I am honored to assume the role of permanent CEO for Quantum Algorithms Institute,” said Louise Turner. “Quantum computing has the potential to revolutionize industries and solve complex problems that were previously deemed intractable. I am excited to lead QAI in this next phase of growth and innovation for B.C. and Canada’s quantum computing sector.”

With an impressive background in senior executive roles across the public and private sectors, Louise brings a successful track record in business, finance, and policy environments. Her experience includes advising the Premier of British Columbia on strategies to grow the province’s knowledge economy, serving as the COO of a think tank providing guidance to the Canadian government on health innovation and commercialization strategies, and directing Newbridge Network’s $1 billion accelerator for high-tech start-ups.

“B.C. is a leader in quantum computing research and commercialization,” said Tim Lesiuk, Executive Director, B.C. Ministry of Jobs, Economic Development and Innovation.  “As quantum computing is more broadly adopted, it has the potential to create jobs, drive advances in health and urban planning and support B.C.’s clean sustainable growth.  Louise’s ambitious vision for B.C.’s role in the quantum economy is aligned with the province’s goals.  My fellow QAI board members and I are delighted to confirm Louise in her position as CEO of the Quantum Algorithms Institute.”

Stephanie Simmons, Board Chair of QAI, expressed her enthusiasm for Louise’s appointment, saying, “We are very fortunate to have Louise as the permanent CEO of QAI, leading the organization during this unprecedented opportunity for B.C. and Canada to take the lead in advancing quantum technologies. Her extensive experience and strategic acumen will drive QAI’s mission to position B.C. at the forefront of quantum advancements.”

Under Louise’s leadership, QAI will continue its collaborative efforts with the B.C. government, academic institutions, quantum experts and the growing sector of quantum companies in B.C. Together, they will leverage the opportunities arising from the rapid development of commercial-scale quantum computing to drive advancements that will shape the future of industries and contribute to economic growth.

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Kelly Best
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