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Applications are now open for the QAI Affiliates Program and the D-Wave Quantum Computing Training @ QAI

The Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) is thrilled to announce that the QAI Academic Affiliates Program is now open for applications from all post-secondary faculty and students in BC who have interests in applied quantum technologies and software. This includes faculty and students in applied disciplines where quantum computing and other quantum technologies can be applied to solve industry problems.

Quantum is a nascent business sector that is growing rapidly, with opportunities for faculty and students to connect and share knowledge in applying quantum across a wide range of industries, such as in finance, telecommunications, security, transportation & logistics, life sciences, and more.

QAI supports researchers, educators, and students to share their expertise with industry, governments, and non-profit organizations. We partner on research projects, as well as create and deliver training to industry and government professionals and promote BC quantum expertise to the world.

The QAI Academic Affiliates program provides BC post-secondary faculty and students with an opportunity to connect with the quantum community and access a wide range of programs, resources, and events.

New for QAI Academic Affiliates is the D-Wave Quantum Computing Training @ QAI program: a self-paced, instructor supported 1-week online course, with one-month unlimited access to the D-Wave Leap™ Quantum Cloud service.  This is a short, intensive time period to learn how to use D-Wave Leap™ and explore how D-Wave quantum hardware and services can apply to a wide range of applications across multiple industries.

The Quantum Algorithms Institute is covering the full cost for the training and access to the D-Wave Leap™ Quantum Cloud service. 

Spaces for the D-Wave training are limited and will be approved on a first-come, first-served basis.

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