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Committed to fair hiring based on the principles of merit, and guided by public service values that include respect, integrity, diversity, accountability, and the public good, QAI offers an attractive compensation package. Join us in our mission to harness the power of quantum computing and create novel solutions to real-world problems. 

Job Opportunities

The Coordinator provides confidential and administrative support to the Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) administrative and research teams. The role responds to a wide range of general and confidential inquiries; composes, drafts, and prepares correspondence, itineraries, briefing notes and summaries for review. The Coordinator is responsible for scheduling meetings and making decisions on behalf of the QAI Executive Director (ED) regarding their schedule, responds to/triages emails on behalf of the ED and provides administrative support to a wide range of regular and ad hoc committees, which includes initiating follow-up actions and research that supports the itinerary of the ED. The Coordinator coordinates file and data management, acting as the main point of contact for industry partners and member organizations, and tracks long-term projects and deliverables. Duties relating to Human Resources will include assisting with the onboarding of employees, students and industry visitors. Since QAI is a startup, day-to-day tasks may change frequently, so the ability to adapt quickly is a must.

Salary: $60,000/year (negotiable based on experience)

The Business Development Manager will execute elements of the pan-Canadian quantum strategy that drive business development and secure strategically aligned partnerships in accordance with the strategic plan. By leveraging and growing BC’s established quantum computing cluster to support skilled job creation and economic development across the province this role is instrumental in working with industry and positioning BC as a world leader in quantum computing.
The incumbent will have demonstrated experience successfully developing business, working in the field and collaborating with key stakeholders in government, the private sector and academia. They will be committed to fostering the development of multidisciplinary research collaborations with various partners and operate with a high degree of autonomy and work independently to execute the strategic plan.
By interacting with companies ranging from small and medium-sized enterprises to Fortune 500, as well as other quantum institutes and centers, they will work with industry to solve real world problems. They will make recommendations and secure research projects for QAI that improve productivity, profitability and business growth through quantum technologies.

Salary: $120,000/year (negotiable based on experience)

The Administration and Operations Manager provides operational, financial and administrative management for the Quantum Algorithms Institute. The AOM is responsible for the development of new initiatives, policies, and administrative procedures that help structure and enhance the profile of the Institute. The AOM works collaboratively with all team members to effectively execute business strategies, plans, and procedures, and works closely with the Executive Director, board and committees to ensure alignment across all aspects of the Institute. The AOM will build the reputation of the QAI through marketing communications and partnerships across academia, industry and government and obtain funding to ensure the financial viability of the QAI. Translating strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth, they ensure effective human resource practices and establish policies that promote a positive and inclusive company culture and vision.

Salary: $120,000/year (negotiable based on experience)


Surrey, BC

The Software Developer (SD) develops end to end data and software solutions to support the analytics requirements, business workflows, and data management of the Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI). The role designs, develops, deploys and operationalizes secure software applications and big data techniques to streamline, automate, and improve business process workflows, and integrates data across multiple sources for analysis, reporting, decision making, and performance optimization. The SD ensures application security and proper handling of private and sensitive business data across the pipeline of applications and solutions. The position leads projects from conception to implementation, and consults with business managers and leaders to ensure that the solutions meet the needs of the client.

Reports To: Executive Director
Salary: $100,000 per annum

Quantum Algorithms Institute
Surrey, BC

The candidate will drive efforts to develop applications for near-future quantum computers and will lead enterprise collaborations that target real-world use cases for quantum processing. This is a 5-year research and development position subject to funding availabilities at QAI and success in annual performance reviews. The candidate benefits from the best practice in both industry and academia with the flexibility to work on interesting problems while retaining relevance to industrial applications. With access to a large network of industry partners, from quantum hardware providers all the way to end-users, the candidate would learn all areas of the quantum business, potentially leading to their own spin-off start-up. Through world-leading scientists in the QAI affiliates, the candidate can collaborate on joint projects, as well as student supervision, and maintain independent research activities to potentially to continue their career in academic sectors.

Reports To: Executive Director
Salary: Starting Salary $100,000/yr (negotiable based on experience)


Surrey, BC

The Large Grants and Awards Officer will work closely with the ED to bring together multi-disciplinary teams of people to pursue complex and long running programs of research, in addition to continued success in individual research projects.

The Large Grants and Awards Officer is a critical revenue-generating role for QAI and it is expected that the grant writing and industrial research activities of the role will result in significant financial returns for QAI. This position has significant influence and impact on the ability of QAI to meet its financial goals and commitments, which are to: secure sufficient funding to maintain the research program and technical staff beyond the initial 5 years’ Provincial Government investment; maintain the same or higher level of resources per faculty member; and secure sufficient finances to seize research opportunities when they arise. The incumbent will increase the stream of revenue coming into QAI by leading groups of primary investigators to craft multidisciplinary projects related to fund raising for research activity: researching available large grants (government, foundation and industry), awards and donations; selecting those that are strategically most suited to QAI’s expertise; bringing together the right team - of researchers, external partners and associates, and technicians - to compete for them; developing the competitive strategy to win the awards; gathering the necessary information to support the submission; managing teams, editing, writing, then submitting, the proposals. The Large Grants and Awards Officer also prepares proposals, papers and presentations to industry and companies that would have an interest in the potential of QAI’s research and devices in close collaboration with the Executive Director and Business Development Manager. The Large Grants and Awards Officer is an integral part of the external-facing part of the QAI administration.

Salary: $120,000/year (negotiable based on experience)