Position Summary

The Administration and Operations Manager provides operational, financial and administrative management for the Quantum Algorithms Institute. The AOM is responsible for the development of new initiatives, policies, and administrative procedures that help structure and enhance the profile of the Institute. The AOM works collaboratively with all team members to effectively execute business strategies, plans, and procedures, and works closely with the Executive Director, board and committees to ensure alignment across all aspects of the Institute. The AOM will build the reputation of the QAI through marketing communications and partnerships across academia, industry and government and obtain funding to ensure the financial viability of the QAI. Translating strategy into actionable goals for performance and growth, they ensure effective human resource practices and establish policies that promote a positive and inclusive company culture and vision.



Operations & Project Management:

  • Drive and execute key initiatives across the organization, working with and supporting the Executive Director, operations team, board, committee and leadership team to achieve the desired outcomes aligned with strategy.

  • Develop and implement administrative policies and procedures within the Institute in consultation with the Executive Director.

  • Manage operating budgets and budget forecasts, maintaining financial systems to monitor budget expenditures.

  • Manage and analyze internal operations, data and metrics identifying areas for process enhancement.

  • Ensure adherence to company, federal, provincial, and local business requirements (e.g. Canada Not-for-profit Corporations Act, the BC Societies Act and all funding agreements), enforcing compliance and acting when necessary.

  • Develop actionable business strategies, plans and comprehensive goals for business growth and success and ensure alignment with short-term and long-term objectives developed in tandem with the Executive Director.

  • Ensure the provision of an effective research environment for the QAI members and facilitating the occurrence of virtual workshops, seminars, etc.

  • Present to the QAI Board or other partners as required, representing the QAI’s mandate.

  • Represent the Institute and manage stakeholder engagement.

  • Ensure successful project management of special projects and key initiatives, ensuring they are executed effectively within the organization.

    • Ensure continuous and efficient progress on major projects, including keeping information up to date, ensuring action, following through, and timely flow of communication.

    • Ensure project completion, including a debrief outlining successes, lessons learned, and areas for improvement.

    • Support the Executive Director in the course management, resource planning and curriculum development.


Human Resources:

  • Oversee the planning, implementation, recruitment, and hiring of administrative and research staff, as well as administration of affiliate contracts and execution of the strategic plan.

  • Cultivate a highly inclusive culture and ensuring that team members thrive.

  • Establish policies and procedures that promote company culture and vision.

  • Ensure compliance with all aspects of Human Resources legislation.

  • Oversee administration of employee payroll, benefits and incentives.

  • Implement procedures to ensure effective recruiting, onboarding, professional development, performance management, and retention of staff position the Institute to be an employer of choice.

  • Provide team management and supervision to all staff and support and guide staff in fulfilling their responsibilities, inspiring them to high performance.

  • Foster teamwork and work collaboratively to set goals, resolve problems, and makes decisions that enhance organizational effectiveness.



  • Act as a second signing officer with fiduciary duty for the Institute, or the primary signing officer in the absence of the Executive Director.

  • Approves expenditures within the authority delegated by the Executive Director, or in the absence of the Executive Director, as delegated by the Board of Directors.

  • Directs and coordinates the planning and preparation of annual and long-term budgets for Board approval.

  • Directs and prepares financial analyses of operations for guidance and to build commitment with the Board, management team and members to establish the financial objectives that support the organizations’ business needs.

  • Prepares forecasts and financial reports.

  • Research funding sources and oversees fundraising activities.

  • Ensures that record keeping meets the requirements of auditors, government agencies and members, and assists in the annual financial audit.

  • Maintains relations with external auditors and investigates their findings and recommendations.

  • Oversees the management of corporate contracts, including solicitation, development and administration to achieve quality and cost competitive results


Corporate Secretary:

  • Oversee, coordinate, and participate in committee meetings, ensuring programs are aligned with the Institute’s mission and strategy and that meeting times ensure a majority of directors are present to achieve quorum.

  • Prepare meeting agendas in communication with the Board, management team, Chairs of committees and others as required in accordance with applicable by-laws

  • Oversee the annual calendar of Board and Board Committee meetings, continuing education sessions, annual Board retreat, ad hoc meetings, Annual General Meeting, and special events.

  • Oversee all matters pertaining to the Board of Directors and subsequent activities such as Director recruiting, nominations and elections, Board Member Competency Assessments, Board Skills/Experience Matrix, meeting surveys etc., as requested by the Board.

  • Coordinate the Annual General Meeting.

  • Update the organization's bylaws and maintain articles of incorporation and keep accurate and up-to-date records of its membership, board minutes, financial reports and other important documents.

  • Ensure the Institute maintains its good standing with the completion of all reporting requirements and that organizational records are maintained according to law and available upon request by authorized board members or executive management.

  • Maintain a current Board Manual and Board Director Binder and facilitate training and onboarding for new Board Directors.


Risk Management:

  • Identify and evaluate the risks to the organization's people (staff and management), property, finances, and image and implements measures to control risks and report risks to board and appropriate committees.

  • Ensures that the Board of Directors and the organization carries appropriate and adequate insurance coverage.

  • Ensures that the Board and staff understand the terms, conditions and limitations of the insurance coverage.


Marketing Communications:

  • Provide oversight and direction to ensure the communication plan is aligned and reflective of QAI’s vision.

  • Provide oversight and direction to ensure consistent messaging across corporate communications platforms to advance the Institute’s virtual presence.

  • Ensure alignment between research, corporate communications and program management initiatives and outputs.

  • Ensure media releases and announcements follow appropriate approval to maintain good standing with stakeholders and/or funders.



Required Skills & Experience

  • 5+ years experience in executive leadership positions

  • A thought leader with a solid understanding and demonstrated ability to utilize best practices, innovation and key trends.

  • Hands on experience in strategic planning, policies and procedures and drafting annual reports

  • Experience managing early stages of business development considered an asset

  • Experience working on or in partnership with a Board of Directors considered an asset

  • A solid grasp of data analysis, performance metrics and KPIs

  • Working knowledge of the quantum ecosystem is considered an asset

  • Well-defined sense of diplomacy, including solid negotiation, conflict resolution, and people management skills.

  • Knowledge of financial management and control frameworks, accounting and practices;

  • Leadership, change management and influence management skills;

  • Ability to solve and communicate complex issues, in both written and verbal formats;

  • Ability to build and foster effective and collaborative relationships with senior leaders;

  • Knowledge of strategic planning, procurement, risk management and negotiation strategies;

  • Analytical and interpretive skills to deal with complex information, processes/systems, and projects;

  • Ability to mediate, negotiate, consult and manage issues to achieve financial objectives and business needs; and

  • Knowledge of not-for-profit corporation legislation and regulation and accounting standards for not-for-profit organizations in Canada would be an asset.


Salary: $120,000/year (negotiable based on experience)

Send your resume and a statement of interest to contact@bcqai.ca and include “Administration and Operations Manager” in the subject line.

Posting closes 4pm May 11, 2022.