Frequent Asked Questions

Q. How can I become a member of QAI?

Currently, QAI has fully implemented two classes of membership (Class A and B), both of which are voting member classes and for which there can only be a limited number of members.

A third class of membership—Class C—is currently in the structuring process and has yet to be implemented. The Class C membership will consist of non-voting members and will consequently enjoy fewer membership rights than Classes A and B. However, the Class C membership may be preferable to many organizations (for example, startups) due to the lower barriers-of-entry which QAI envisions for this class. Furthermore, Class C members will have numerous benefits (for example, access to hardware/software controlled by other QAI members), which will not be readily accessible to non-members.

For more information about membership opportunities, please send an email to us at [membership@bcqai.ca].

Q. How can my organization partner or collaborate with QAI?

There are many opportunities to partner or collaborate with QAI without necessarily becoming a QAI member.

Generally, the process for initiating partnerships with QAI begins with the interested party and QAI corresponding to discuss a mutual desire to collaborate for some identified purpose. Following these preliminary discussions, QAI and the interested party will generally sign a Memorandum of Understanding outlining the proposed relationship’s broad scope and expectations and a non-disclosure agreement. 

After the initial stage, there is considerable room for flexibility and inventiveness with respect to defining and agreeing upon the specific obligations which the interested party and QAI can expect from each other under the partnership/collaboration. Our commitment to allow for flexibility in the ways that entities can partner with QAI means that, beyond the general initiation process described in the previous paragraph, we cannot provide here a description of a catch-all and clearly defined partnership process.

If you wish to discuss the possibility of partnering/collaborating with QAI, or if you would like further information about partnerships, please contact us at [contact@bcqai.ca].

Q. How can I get involved in a research project with QAI?

There are many opportunities to collaborate with QAI on research projects. To learn more or start a conversation with us about a research project, please contact us at [contact@bcqai.ca].

Q. What internship opportunities does QAI offer?

QAI offers several opportunities specifically geared toward students and researchers looking for work experience in the industry. For students and researchers, QAI offers research internships via the Accelerate program hosted by Mitacs. There are several opportunities to work with QAI’s Operations team through our co-op program for students interested in gaining corporate, marketing, human resources, legal, and other business-related experience. If you would like to learn more about these opportunities, please contact us at [contact@bcqai.ca].