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Kero Lau

Department of Physics

Simon Fraser University
(Quantum Affiliates)

I am an assistant professor at Simon Fraser University and a Canada Research Chair in Quantum Information Science. As a theoretical physicist, I enjoy the flexibility to admire and study the multiplex wonders of quantum science and technology. The current research interest of my research group lies on the boundary of quantum physics and information theory. Specific topics that we are interested include:

  • Studying the properties of engineered quantum systems (trapped ions, photonics, optomechanics, spin ensemble, etc), in order to devise strategies to improve their performance when implementing quantum technological applications
  • Developing quantum information applications (e.g. computing, sensing) that utilize the advantages of bosonic (harmonic-oscillator-like, continuous-variable) systems
  • Understanding the fundamental and practical limitations of quantum applications, and exploring realization with near-term quantum devices.
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