About QAI

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Established in 2020, Quantum Algorithms Institute (QAI) aims to help secure British Columbia’s position as a global leader in the application of quantum computing technology to real-world problems.

QAI will leverage BC’s existing quantum computing cluster within academia and industry while building a talent pipeline with capabilities in developing quantum computing software and algorithms and the application of quantum technology to real-world problems.
By fostering collaborations between academia and industry while training the next generation of quantum talent, QAI will build a long-term advantage in this new, high-potential industry.

Our Mission

Leverage British Columbia’s strengths to establish an applied quantum computing ecosystem that features broad participation, an inclusive approach to core technology and is focused on building a critical mass of talent that drives skilled job creation and economic development across the province and Canada.

Our Vision

By 2025, Quantum Algorithms Institute is a world leader in producing highly-qualified professionals in quantum computing, basic and quantum algorithmic research, and in applying quantum computing technologies to real world problems.

Our Values

Fair Hiring

Hiring activities are based on the principles of merit, and guided by public service values that include respect, integrity, diversity, accountability, and the public good.

Fair Representation

Encouraging the representation and participation of women and other groups who can offer unique and diverse perspectives within the scientific community.

Fair Partnerships

Ensuring a fair and equitable process in the selection of partnerships that will advance the interests of organizations led or majority-held by underrepresented members of the workforce.

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